Some VIM Commands

Every once in a while I try to review some vim information to get additional practice with the editor. Today I reviewed file buffers, visual mode and markers. All very useful in editing files with vim.

File buffers are great when editing more than file.
:b1 :b2 :b3
:bn :bp
:sbn :sbp

Visual Mode
In normal mode use v, shift-v or ctl-v (block edit)
Use >, <, r, c, d, etc.

In normal mode use ma, mb, mc, etc
Then use ‘a, ‘b, ‘c etc.

:sp, :open, ctl-Wn, etc.
ctl-w, ctl-w to switch windows
Buffer commands above come in useful here

Completion, Omni-completion
ctl-p, ctl-n to complete with words from file
ctl-x, ctl-o to use syntax completion
Very useful things in a text editor!