Concentration - Richard Earl Thompson

Concentration - Richard Earl Thompson

I’m currently the CIO of WalkerTek, an interactive marketing agency. We help companies market themselves using the latest technologies.

I started with Linux back in ’96 on a laptop I bought while I was serving in the USMC. As I got into Linux I started learning perl, which I subsequently used to build websites. With perl and linux I built robust and reliable websites that were much more stable than their windows counterparts at the time.

When I left the USMC in ’99, I started doing application development for a marketing company and eventually ended up running the interactive marketing department with my brother Mike Walker.

In ’03 Mike and I decided to start our own firm full time. We found an office in Fairfield, NJ and opened up shop. We retained the marketing agency we worked for as a client and started to expand our own business.

Today we have a strong base of clients that rely on us to provide outstanding service. We support sites in a wide array of languages and technologies, including Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PHP, Drupal, C#, MySQL, MSSQL. We host our sites at an enterprise datacenter and have high level clients such as Prudential, Sarnoff and Bios.

I am constantly looking for the latest, most appropriate technologies to give us and our clients a competitive edge. I do research in new and old programming languages including functional languages such as clojure, lisp, haskell and erlang. We’ve recently released our first iphone app for doing simple mortgage calculations.

I have a degree in electronics engineering and spent four years in the Marine Corps doing aircraft support equipment maintenance. I am into learning and continual development. I’m interested in a broad range of subjects, including technology, robotics, electronics, math, business, strategy, leadership, finance and investing, etc. I am constantly reading and I will try to post reviews or notes of what I’ve read in the Books section.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with me, feel free to Contact Me any time. Or you can follow me on one of the social networks, which I’m not very active on at the moment.