Getting Real

Design first
Need passion, passion shines through
Hidden costs of features 59
Brainstorm – sketches – html – coding
Ideas are multipliers, execution is worth millions 75
Alone time for flow
Meeting rules – 30 minute timer, few people as possible, never w/ out a clear agenda
Can we get along without that person and position?
Trouble w/ mediocre programmers instead of good ones, no matter how long they work they never produce something as good as a great programmer
Five brittany spears won’t produce mozart’s requiem.
Hire based on open source contributions
Quick learning generalists over ingrained specialists
Can’t fake enthusiasm
Hire good writers, they know how to communicate, good writing skills sign of organized mind
One interface for admin management and user
Code as simple as possible
Optimize for happiness, all languages not created equal
Manage debt, give yourself time to come back to hacks to clean them up
No functional specs, use the interface design as the alternative plus a one page story
No dead documents, keep everything in the app
Offer something for free
Promo and information are sorely lacking on things we do
Tear down the walls between support and development
Quick response, does not need to solve the problem
Success is all about great execution
Need people that care about their craft, and think of it as a craft