Rework – Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

Rethinking the way you work to take advantage of the new tools currently available.

Don’t allow negative people to bring you down, just do it

Learning from mistakes is overrated, successes are much more valuable

Planning is guessing, you can’t predict the future, so don’t try

Is growing really necessary? Why must you grow?

Don’t be a workaholic, it doesn’t improve anything and usually produces less quality work

Be a starter, start something now

Do something where you feel like you’re making a difference

Do something that you solves a problem you have

(Start, redundant with be a starter, start something now)

No time is no excuse, its just a lack of priorities

Have a point of view, an opinion

Really believe in what you do or do something else

Don’t use outside money

You need less than you think, do you need the money, employees, etc?

(Start a business, not a startup, redundant with no outside money?)

Don’t build to flip, build to hold and make great

(Less mass, less long term contracts, staff, permanent decisions, meetings, etc., redundant with you need less than you think)

Embrace constraints, forces focus

Don’t build half assed, build half a product

Start w/ the stuff you have to do

Ignore the details early on

Making the call is making progress

Be a curator, pick the best stuff to work on and ignore the rest

Less is often more, reduced product set, reduced menu, etc.

Focus on what won’t change, things that will always be in demand, people will want now and 10 years from now – ex. – reliability, affordability and practicality

It’s not about the equipment, its about the people

Sell your by-products – ex – 37signals selling rework

Launch early and often

Written specs are illusions of agreement

Ask why? why are you doing this, what problem are you solving? Is it really worth it?

Interruption is the enemy of productivity

Meetings are toxic

Good enough is fine, don’t get bogged down in complex solutions

Momentum fuels motivation, quick wins help provide that momentum

Don’t be a hero, you will waste a lot of time, get others involved earlier

Get enough sleep

Estimates suck, you can’t project the future, the bigger the project the more they suck

Long lists don’t get done, break them down into manageable pieces

Make tiny decisions, big decisions are hard to make and change

Don’t copy, you won’t know the product well enough to be good

Pour yourself into your product, make it something no one else can offer

Pick a fight, its a great way to differentiate yourself and attract followers

Underdo your competition, but do it better, smarter

Focus more on you than them, focusing on them causes a follower mentality

Say no by default, your customer does not always know what it wants
If I’d listened to my customers, I’d have given them a faster horse – Henry Ford

Let your customers outgrow you, don’t change your product to be specialized for your biggest customers

Don’t confuse enthusiasm with priority, enthusiasm is not a true indicator of value

Make sure your product is at-home good, not just flashy and featureful in the store, but doesn’t do the basics well

Don’t write feature requests down, your customers will continue to remind you what they are

Welcome obscurity, it gives you time to perfect your product

Build an audience, an audience comes back to you day after day

Out teach your competition, differentiates you in your field

Share everything you know, don’t be afraid to share

Give people a backstage pass to what you do and how you’re doing it

Don’t seem too perfect, nobody likes fakes

Press releases are spam

Niche media over mass media, much more accessible

Emulate drug dealers, give a little away for free and they’ll keep coming back

Everything is marketing, answering the phone, emails, each product use, words you write, etc.

There is no such thing as the overnight sensation

When hiring, do it yourself first, you’ll understand what the position needs much better

Hire only when it hurts, hire to kill pain

Pass on great people if you have no position for them, don’t just hire to have them

Hiring a ton of people is like strangers at a cocktail party, nobody really talks and everyone is polite, not good for business

Resumes are ridiculous, if you can, try before you buy

Years of experience doesn’t really mean much

GPA’s don’t matter much
I have never let my schooling interfere with my education – Mark Twain

Delegators are dead weight, everyone must work and produce

Hire managers of one, they come up with their own goals and execute them

Hire the better writer, shows clearer thinking and better communications

The best are everywhere, don’t just work with local people

Own your own bad news, better off it be you telling the story

Speed changes everything – get back to people quickly

Apologize like your were talking to someone face to face, sincerely

Put everyone on the front lines, everyone answers calls and has customer contact

Take a deep breath, when you make changes there will be waves, give some time for them to settle

Culture happens, you don’t create it

Decisions are temporary, don’t make up problems you don’t have yet

The environment has more to do with getting great work than hiring rock stars

Don’t treat people like children or you’ll get children’s work

Send people home at 5, don’t make overtime the norm

Don’t create draconian policies, especially if talking about it would be enough

Sound like you, don’t try to sound too business like

Four letter words never to use in business: need, must, can’t easy, just, only and fast
Easy is a word that’s used to describe other people’s jobs.
Cousins: everyone, no one, always, never

Stop saying asap, everyone wants things done as soon as they can be done

Inspiration is perishable, ideas are immortal – you’ve got to do things while you have the inspiration!