The 33 Strategies of War

The 33 Strategies of War – Robert Greene

Find your enemies, let them fuel you with purpose

Don’t use the same strategies, be ruthless to stay in the present and not repeat the same tired methods

Do not lose your presence of mind in battle, learn to detach from chaos

Cut your ties to the past, place yourself on “death ground” fight like hell to survive

Use speed to bring untold power, striking first will make them emotional, unbalanced and prone to error

Work to determine the nature of the relationship itself, control your opponents minds, pushing their emotional buttons and compelling them to make a mistake

Find what the other side most cherishes and protects – that is where you must strike

Divide and Conquer!

Attack from the side they least expect it

Attack from all sides, tightening the noose and crushing their will power

Devise methods that give them choices, all bad

Create a reputation for being tough and uncompromising, so people are back on their heels before they meet you

The height of strategic wisdom is to avoid all conflicts where there are no realistic exits

Control peoples perception of reality and you control them

Sometimes the ordinary is extraordinary because it is unexpected

Question your opponents motives to make them appear evil

Give your enemies no targets to attack, be dangerous but elusive, then watch as they chase you into the void

Create alliances to strengthen yourself, while sowing dissension in alliances of your enemies

Work to instill insecurities and doubt in rivals, getting them to think too much and act defensive

Rise to the top in small steps, big power grabs are dangerous, create envy, distrust and suspicion

Lure people to your ideas with communication, making them think it was their idea

Work from within to get what you want, take it slowly or wait till the right point to stage your takeover

Passive aggressive strategy, make sure you disguise your aggression enough so you can deny it exists

The goal of terror is causing maximum chaos and provoking over reaction